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Home activities and recipes made specially for you from us, at KBTC Kids


Martha Speaks Alphabet Soup

Martha Speaks Alphabet Soup! If you are looking for a new soup to try this fall that helps engage your child with the cooking process and continues their learning while eating, then this recipe is something you should try. Make Martha Speaks Alphabet Soup to share with family and friends! Recipe Below. 

Continue the fun with through Martha Speaks Videos and Online games

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Activities to help bring Native American culture into your home

This collection of materials focuses on important plants for the indigenous peoples in our region and encourages you to explore the many benefits of these plants. Most importantly, these activities help children learn to research and appreciate the culture of the indigenous people in their community and embrace the natural world around them, which is an essential part of growing and becoming a protector of our planet.

We hope that the provided activity booklet is helpful for you and that you and your children have fun with the wonderful illustrations from Paige Pettibon.  To see the full-sized coloring pages, please scroll down to page 10. You may print the booklet or any of the pages by using the printer image found on the black bar below.

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