Camp Celebration

Our last week of camp brought fun activities, lots of learning, and an end-of-camp Celebration with parents and siblings. The Comcast award allowed us to purchase a suite of iPads that the kids could use in their classes for games and research, and it was the first time that many of them had used one. The Camp Celebration started with a workshop for parents on finding and using PBS Kids resources online, both for games and hands-on activities. They were also invited to sign up for Digital Connectors trainings and Summer Family Digital Literacy classes through the Tacoma Urban League. You can see Victoria Woodards, President/CEO of the Tacoma Urban League, talking about their program here:

Halfway Through Camp

We're at the halfway mark now at the KBTC Kids Camp, and we're all wishing that it could be longer. One of the things that is most striking about this camp is how genuinely happy the kids are to be there. With friends, excited teachers, interesting lessons, and their favorite characters, the KBTC Kids Camp is a joy to see and experience. As the activities continue, our teachers are also adding their own experience and expertise to the plans, adjusting them as they learn more about the kids and interests in the room. While the lessons are always engaging, fun, and educational, it's a great benefit to have the ability to personalize them for each class, camp, and camper. Here's a look from

Charades and Challenges

Another great day at KBTC Kids Camp! Today brought us some challenges: Can you get a hula hoop from one end of a line to another? Can you collect bird food (dried kidney beans) using only a toothpick? Can you act what it's like to be a wall? We answered all of these questions! Learning about Hispanic Heritage from Maya and Miguel Aaliyah demonstrates the word "wall," from the Word Charades Game in Super Why Who can get the most food with their beaks?! Eat Like a Bird keeps us on our toes.

KBTC Kids Camp!

Today was the day! The KBTC Kids Camp at Lister Elementary School, funded by an award from Comcast, kicked off in grand fashion. With three teachers, a Camp Manager, and a boatload of fun, we got into lots of PBS Kids activities. We started off by choosing group names (and some group chants) for each grade level. These are our Bucket Filling Buddies, the third grade class. They're committed to filling their buckets full of fun and learning. All of our groups became engineers with Fetch!, figuring out how to make a boat powered by wind. This group of second graders did a great job creating their sail. And finally, we have a table full of wind-powered boats! Next up: Computer time! Wild Kratts

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