Tips for Helping Kids with Back-to-School Anxiety

If you are like most families you find that some mornings are better than others. There have been several occasions when my daughter is too worked up and decides she doesn't want to go to school. If you think back to your own school years, you might remember that you too had days where you didn't want to go for any number of reasons. It might be that she is feeling anxious about something that happened that week with another child or overly tired from too many activities or just going through a growth spurt. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America calls anxiety disorders the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults and one out of eight children. The ef

Back to School Tips for Parents

This time of year is filled with excitement for both parents and kids, but starting a new school year can bring some fears and anxieties to the surface for many children. Here are some tips to help ease your children's fears and make starting the new school year a little easier. Meet The Teacher: An article on recommends that you take advantage of Back-to-School Night. Many children are worried about whether they will like their new teacher and meeting them that first week might ease some of their fears. Have them bring an apple or some flowers from your garden to the teacher that first week of school. This can help them get acquainted with their new teacher and is a great way fo

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