Leading the Way - Gabe's Story

When Gabe walked into Pacific Lutheran Church to attend the Spring Break programming, KBTC staff members were happy to see him. Gabe has attended several other KBTC programs in the past, like the Wapato Summer Camp, and staff have had the pleasure of seeing him grow over the years. As Gabe has gotten older, however, some of the PBS KIDS activities have lost their newness and excitement. While the other kids were taking part in Ready Jet Go! activities, blackout poetry and designing a neighborhood, Gabe began to wander. When the staff realized he was bored, they asked if he would like to get the group started on their Paint to Learn activity. "I tried to explain how to mix colors," Gabe began

Intern Experience with KBTC Kids!

Hello, my name is Angela Sanchez I’m 16 and a Junior at Science and Math Institute (SAMI) and I am interning with KBTC. I love to draw and to be creative so being here opens an opportunity for me to learn about someone I could be in the future. Having the opportunity to intern is a great experience for me to have a chance to communicate and observe the workplace environment. KBTC is a public broadcasting service with a mission that “engages viewers, communities, and supporters by delivering media experiences that educate, inspire, and entertain”. I hope that I can make a big difference interning here and use my time well. So far, I have helped my supervisor Alyssa Torrez with small duties l

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