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In addition to instructional materials, KBTC also makes extensive Professional Development available through PBS LearningMedia. Check out our spotlighted programs below in the areas of social and emotional learning in the classroom, lower grades, and upper grades! These are updated regularly, so keep coming back to discover new material.

Social and Emotional Professional Development

Link to PBS LearningMedia training on Kindness in the Classroom

Kindness in the Classroom is a multi-part video series designed to give educators insight into the positive impacts of teaching mindfulness in a classroom setting. The series focuses on implementing the Kindness Curriculum; a free 24-lesson mindfulness guide designed for pre-k and kindergarten classrooms, researched and developed by the Center for Healthy Minds at UW-Madison. The curriculum is also available within this collection in both English and Spanish

Lower Grades Professional Development

Link to PBS LearningMedia training on understanding the engineering design process

This is the first of two professional development modules that help teachers master the engineering design process and understand how to integrate it with their science teaching. In this self-paced module, teachers can explore engineering content and pedagogy using media from PBS LearningMedia, which they can then readily use with their own students.

Upper Grades Professional Development

Link to PBS LearningMedia training on teaching about the solar system.

This STEM Professional Development module for teachers looks at solar system-related topics in middle school Earth and Space Sciences, including the definition and boundaries of the solar system, its components, size and distances, orbits, causes of seasons, and relevant technologies. Teachers using the self-paced interactive lesson can learn or review science content and pedagogy while using NASA media found on PBS LearningMedia, which you can then readily use with your own students.


This resource is part of the NASA Planetary Sciences Collection.

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