Thinga-ma-jigger Challenge

What's a Thinga-ma-jigger you ask? Well, it's the most fantastical flying, walking, swimming, sailing machine ever invented and the only way to travel for The Cat in the Hat! It can go to any place or space - large or small, growing and shrinking to fit the size of any adventure. The magical contraption can sprout anything and everything from wings to booster rockets, to ballons, to skis - just pull the "right" lever! On Monday, students in the McCarver Elementary Special Housing Program used their imagination and creativity to design their own Thinga-ma-jiggers. The challenge - working in teams to create a Thinga-ma-jigger that The Cat in the Hat can ride in, that students can sit in, one that moves, or maybe even flies! They rose to the challenge and created magical vehicles that transported all of our imaginations!

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