Bergerson Terrace – All About Learning!

PBS has long been an innovator in delivering education in fun and engaging ways. Mister Rogers used television 50 years ago to reach children with a simple message: you are special, and KBTC builds on that legacy on screen and in neighborhoods, to inspire exploration and encourage children to discover a world of unlimited possibilities.

On January 5, 2018, the kids at Bergerson Terrace had a great time! The afterschool program runs Monday-Friday and offers educational STEAM projects, PBS educational resources and free play. The KBTC staff work with the kids on math, reading, science—whatever subject they’re working on—as well as focus and other types of assistance when needed. If they don’t have homework to do, not a problem! The crew has plenty of educational activities for the kids to take part in!

One boy got a particular big cheer as he completed a math sheet in record time! They were long problems that took several steps, but he was determined and succeeded in his venture.

After the kids completed their homework and educational activities, they were able to make crafts or work on the computers. Many of the kids frequently enjoy a game that allows for learning about engineering and how the economy works. They can build structures, figure out how to get sales for their businesses, pay for food and shelter, and talk to one another in game from different computers!

Other attendees decided to work on crafts instead. One boy

made an origami fortuneteller! They were such a hit that he made extras and handed them out to anyone that wanted one. Another girl made a book! She folded the paper, cut holes in it, strung it together, then decorated it. She also made a picture frame for hanging on the wall. They were both very creative in their projects and needed little guidance as they worked through problems and found solutions.

The attendees of Bergerson Terrace are definitely serious about learning! Which showed in their reading, math, science, technology, and art skills! STEAM educational content is a big part of this afterschool activity.

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