KBTC and Metro Parks Tacoma partner to provide summer learning

August marked the beginning of the Wapato Exploration Day Camp where KBTC Kids partnered with Metro Parks Tacoma to bring exciting summertime fun. With daily crafts, outdoor activities, and engaging programs like Odd Squad and Ruff Ruffman, the summer camp helped boost early childhood learning through adventure.

One of the kids’ favorite programs was the Odd Squad track. On August 16th, the activity began with an episode of the show. The Odd Squad agents’ badges had expired and in order to earn new ones, the agents had to complete tests and solve riddles involving cold cases. The kids at Wapato watched intently as they worked through the riddles with the agents on the screen.

After the video concluded, the campers were given cards with their own Odd Squad riddles to solve. They grouped into three teams and began untangling their clues to solve their own cold cases. Some were quite difficult and the kids figured them out even as some of the adults were stumped! By the end of the activity, all the kids had used deduction, active listening skills, math, reading, and critical thinking to solve their mysteries.

KBTC staff, Sheila, asked the kids what they learned from their activity.

The details we got were mixed. We learned which were important and which were not. The important clues helped us solve the case.” – Emma

How to use teamwork to find the answers.” – Ronin

When the kids were finished, most wanted to watch more Odd Squad episodes! Others made parachutes or worked on their crafts. The beauty of the Odd Squad program is that it makes learning fun.

Odd Squad is great because it gets the kids doing math and science without realizing they’re learning.” – Jaime from Tacoma Metro Parks

To get more details about these events, please visit our website!

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