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Lister Elementary and Ruff Ruffman - January 23, 2019

"This is my second time here. It's super fun! I'm glad to do Ruff Ruffman again!" Rosie happily shared as she rocked in her computer chair, curls bouncing, waiting for her friend Destyni to finish her turn on the Ruff game.

Rosie and Destyni were learning about force and motion through Ruff Ruffman videos and games at the Lister Elementary after school program. They worked hard to get past difficult parts of the game and helped one another when they got stuck.

"This is my first year here but I love it," Destyni explained as Rosie took her turn at the game. "Ruff really loves his family. He wants to give his grandma his plushie but he keeps dropping it and he's tired of chasing it. So he uses different ways to move it so he doesn't have to work so hard. Like, when he pushed it across sand, it took a lot longer. When Ruff moved it across concrete, it was the fastest."

"Last time, we learned about mixtures," Rosie explained as her hands still moved on the keyboard. "We made playdough and other mixes, like cookies, and that helps us. You have to move away when you're older and you have to know how to cook. And this time, Ruff is showing us that if we mess up, we can restart the mistake. We can do it over!"

Rosie was referring to Ruff's different attempts to move his plushie as well as her and Destyni's many attempts to pass the game they played. The two kept trying until finally, they passed the game and rescued Ruff's plushie!

"When we worked on the mixtures part of the Ruff program, the students asked if they could implement what they'd learned in real life ways. They wanted to make cookies. They got to collaborate with us to create what they wanted the Ruff Ruffman program to be."

- Rosalinda of Schools Out Washington

"I try to let the kids work at their own pace. Because we have students in a range of ages, we make things fit the group to make it more fun."

- Selena of KBTC Kids

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