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Native American Education Resources

KBTC Land Acknowledgement

We are committed to learning the rich history and culture of the indigenous people of this land and beyond because we believe learning is the direct path to understanding, honoring, and uplifting voices and experiences. But most importantly we want to acknowledge that Indigenous people are still here, and they are thriving. Please take a moment to look at the map and join us as we acknowledge and honor the traditional lands of the Puyallup Tribe on which we stand. 

To learn about the land you live on

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Native American Heritage Collection

Take a look at this KBTC curated a resource collection featuring Indigenous art, history, and culture as told by historians, artists, students, and scientists.


Pre K-K


Grade 6 - 8


Grade K - 2


Grade 9 - 12


Grade 3 - 5


Heritage Collection

Washington State Tribal Resources

To learn more about the indigenous people of Washington state in your community


Time Immemorial: Tribal Sovereignty
in Washington state or other tribally-developed curriculum.

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University of Washington's American Indian Studies

American Indians Studies is the hub for Indigenous Studies in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.


The Puyallup Language Program

has been created to revitalize Twulshootseed.


Tahoma Indian Center
One Beat, One Nation

Tahoma Indian Center engages relatives around traditional spiritual and cultural activities. 

WSU Indigenous Internet Resources

Resources designed to provide online information focused on Native, Indigenous, and Mestizo communities

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Washington Indian

Gaming Association (WIGA)

Public education program sponsored to raise awareness about how tribal government investments benefit everyone in Washington.

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