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Molly of Denali

Molly stands in winter clothes and waves

Molly of Denali Family Outreach Events

Bring your family to this event for an exploration of Native American stories, including tales from Molly of Denali, a PBS Kids show that explores Alaska Native values, history, traditions, language, as well as contemporary life through the eyes of a young girl named Molly. In this program, families will share their stories, talk about their experiences, watch videos, and listen to stories about Native American life. This pilot program is an online opportunity for your school district to bring social and emotional learning content to family engagement, and includes game bags for each family created especially for in-person, non-virtual learning and fun to continue after the session ends. This program can be followed by a second session with more opportunities for sharing stories and family fun. Each session can host approximately 20 – 25 elementary age children and their families. Are you an educator who would like to host a family engagement event at your school? Click the button below to ask for more information and to schedule an event!

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