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Molly of Denali Family Engagement Events

Molly stands in winter clothes and waves

Bring Molly of Denali to your school!

Experience the adventures from 'Molly of Denali,' a beloved PBS Kids show that delves into the heart of Alaska Native culture. Through the eyes of the spirited young girl, Molly, discover the timeless values, history, traditions, language, and contemporary life of Alaska Natives.

At this engaging program, families come together to share their unique stories, discuss their personal experiences, and enjoy insightful videos. In our interactive craft sessions, children and adults alike can immerse themselves in hands-on activities that bring the vibrant culture and traditions featured in the show to life.

This event offers an ideal opportunity for your school district to infuse social and emotional learning content into family engagement while promoting cultural competency, understanding, and respect.

The experience can be extended with a follow-up session, offering even more chances for storytelling and family bonding. Each session accommodates approximately 20 to 25 elementary-age children and their families.

Are you an educator eager to host a memorable family engagement event at your school? Don't hesitate—click the button below to request more information and schedule an event that will leave a lasting impact!

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